School Policies


School Policies, Practices and Procedures 2022-2023

The enclosed policies and statements were ratified by the Board of Management. The policies, procedures and practices recorded in this school plan have been written, reviewed and subsequently redrafted over a number of years. Draft copies were given to members of the BOM, Parents’ Association and staff during these years. Feedback was sought and documents redrafted taking cognisance of comments made. Documents will be continuously reviewed. 

We are statutorily obliged to develop certain policies with respect to all areas of school life and these are implemented fairly and consistently by all staff, particularly those of Behaviour/Discipline and Anti-Bullying. Pupils are encouraged to achieve and maintain an acceptable standard of conduct in school at all times and positive behaviour is affirmed. Our rules, into which our pupils had an input in creating and which help to create a positive climate in the school, are displayed throughout the school.